Internal Tools

Helping businesses boost productivity and save money building custom internal tools and MVP's using no-code technologies.and tools.

About Internal Tools

Internal no-code tools and apps refer to software applications and tools that can be created, customized and managed without the need of writing any code. These tools are typically used within a company or organization to improve internal operations, streamline business processes and improve communication and collaboration among employees. I work closely with you to understand your specific needs and deliver custom web and mobile applications built using platforms like Softr, Airtable, and Glide Apps that can be used for internal or consumer use.

Application/MVP Development

Rapid Prototyping

Using no-code platforms, you can quickly transform your ideas into functional MVPs or applications, enabling faster market validation and iteration.

Cost-Effective Development

With no need for traditional coding, you significantly reduce development costs, making it more affordable to test and refine your business concepts.

Custom Scalable Solutions

While these tools allow for swift development, they also offer flexibility. As your business grows, your MVP or application can easily be adapted and scaled to fit changing needs.

Tools & Platforms


It looks like a spreadsheet but acts like a database. Collaboration, Sales, Content calendar, Inventory management, Project management are just a few solutions to tackle and organize your data.


Create client portals and internal tools for your business in minutes, without code. Works well with Airtable and Google Sheets.

Glide Apps

Quickly build and deploy mobile apps without code using google sheets as your backend database.

Use Cases

  • Task management and workflow automation tools
  • Data management and reporting tools
  • Communication and collaboration tools
  • Human resources tools
  • Business process automation tools
  • Form and survey tools